Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcome to my virtual Hearth

Grab a virtual cup of tea, or help me to snap this virtual bucket of string beans, or cull through great recipes while we explore and resolve conundrum of this mass culture and hopefully restore an ethos of deep simplicity.

I have long wished to do all I can to cultivate a different facet of feminism - the Feminism of Hearth and Home. A feminism of non-competitive, cooperative cultivation of community which begins at home and flows, almost spiral-like, to include our whole homeland, Gaia. May we enjoy becoming whole Earthlings together?

My special friend, Sonya Magill, a great artist, reminded us regularly she was "A warrior in service to the Queen." I support her lovely war cry and strive to serve our Queen in other ways. I support using the soup ladel, the spare blanket and clean pillow, the shared water well, the willingness to hold another's crying infant in a pinch, the Christ-plate at table, as our tools for life-generating change our planet so dearly needs.

What I have learned as a mother, as a community activist, as a creative artist and occasional poet, may be helpful for others. A new way of sharing, this blog can help me incubate some thoughts, opinions and "theories". Plus, it's my "plunge" into this worldly technology, let it not be a contradiction as I learn.

Perhaps those who stop by my virtual hearth might share their ideas of home, of hearth with me? At any rate, it will be fun to be learning new things!
-- Linda Ellen Lemaster, August 23, 2009

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  1. Hi Linda! Welcome to the blogosphere. I'm delighted you've decided to write for your own blog, where readers are in for a real treat. Linda's writing skills, knowledge of the political workings from street gangs to institutional bureaucracies, to political parties are evident immediately in her writings. Yet always, her articles reflect a generous heart, and a grasp of the consequences of any policy. Blog on Girl!!


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