Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thank You, Volunteers

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Interview by Jessica Lussenhop


I survived the fire, mandatory evacuation, and all the adventures to follow; when I finally felt safe to go home, eight days' later, the newspapers said Lockheed Ridge fire was 84% contained. A few more days, '100% contained' was announced. Nonetheless, spot fires continue and every time in the past week I've left this ridge over the Pacific, I see red and white helicopters scooping up buckets of water from Scotts Creek and turning toward a spire of smoke. Today (Sept 2) returning home, I saw three airplanes and/or choppers and a fire tank engine, alongside Highway One, coastside, and more fast-moving flames getting doused, more smoke spreading So'Westerly down the surf.

I'm overwhelmed with so much gratitude to all the Firemen and all those helping experts who support them. Grateful to our community for opening it's arms in times of crisis and shock. And I'm especially gratefully thankful to Red Cross and to those, starting with Vintage Church, who contribute and share with us through the Red Cross when we're otherwise so vulnerable and at-risk. And finally, very deep thanks to my two caregivers whose jobs were turned inside out for a while so I could stay safe and protect my health.

'Pologies to the two orphaned kitties I'd promised to tend thru' August.

It worked! This overwhelming danger to our families and homes and native habitat is effectively over despite those flare-ups, and our prayers turn to our Southern California fellows and their families

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