Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fav Poetry and Prose # (lost count already...)


A young Cherokee friend is helping us create a bigger garden, and hopefully into the summer he might be available to help us keep up with the tending.

The Lord Who Knows The Land has already made some magical deal with the Slug Tribe and with most of the Snail People. The wet Winter has offered luscious goodies and abundant tree detritis for Bug people, Mushroom People, and alla the insect and other ground-keeper tribes along the forest ridge.

This morning Cherokee friend offers us back our borrowed knives, all sharpened tight!

Gladness for me, I can again slice a Tomato without getting frustrated, and again enjoy it's Tomato Love Offering.

A sharp knife in ready hands is a tool of Peace.

Linda Ellen Lemaster

Linda's Hearth: I will add a photo later, techie-deficient.

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