Thursday, September 15, 2011

THE LODGING LAW Trial Readiness Hearing Sept 14th

Yesterday in court, Judge John Gallagher accepted the Writ of Habeus Corpus filed weeks ago by my pro bono attorney, Jonathan Che Gettleman. He ordered the District Attorney to answer it by Oct 14th. Gettleman's reply will then be due seven days forward: Oct 21.

Then, a hearing about the Writ on October 28th will be held in Dept 2. The writ of habeus corpus attempts to bring together the actual setting and situation, with the incident of my getting a Lodging citation.

I am very much hoping that a closer peek at the Lodging law and it's history, which is as controversial as the law is vague here, will bring greater safety and relief to people all over California, especially homeless people with ever-diminishing safety options for sleeping. Maybe just a baby step, and maybe, God willing, we will effectively expose the misuse of this law?

In the best case scenario on October 28th, it could make furthering the trial unnecessary. Look for article I wrote about PeaceCamp2010 and about these unfolding trials and "trials", at Or get in touch with me for a paper copy, or -- if you are homeless -- to help vend them, and you get to keep the $1.00 per copy.

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