Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TENT MOB in Santa Cruz Friday May 25: Three Hour Camp-In starts at 4 pm

TENT MOB! Yes We Can! -- 
from OSC's Denica and Brent

    • 4:00pm until 7:00pm
  • In celebration of our highly successful past tent camp community and courthouse steps Occudome Plaza, we will again be erecting tents.

    We will show up on Friday May 25 at 4 pm and begin erecting our tent village. We will play music, dance and have fun with each other. The drive-time traffic will take note of our new Occupy Village.
    The first definition of the term "occupy" in Webster's dictionary is "to engage the attention or energies of,"

    Then... we will take our tents down.
    We may not be able to stage a longterm camp but we can hold it for a couple of hours "hit n' run" guerilla style.

    ∆∆∆ ♥ On Friday, May 25th, come to Santa Cruz Courthouse Steps -- with your tent if you have one!! From 4PM — 7PM We will have a solidarity event with the Ad Busters May 18th "Laugh Riots" http://www.adbusters.org/! Come to GA for further planning before Friday the 25th - Wednesdays @ 6PM — the Santa Cruz Courthouse and Sundays @ 2PM — the Santa Cruz Post Office. ♥ ∆∆∆

Linda's Hearth note:
The picture above is from November 2012, and it features Robert Facer's Teepee, which seemed to invite others into the San Lorenzo Park benchlands in City of Santa Cruz, near Occupy Santa Cruz and the County Courthouse on Water St. 

Facer, who was a catalyst alongside Ed Frey in Peacecamp2010 which is now being followed by the 'Legal Lodging War' still unfolding in court, died two weeks ago in Monterey. He participated with both Santa Cruz and Monterey Occupiers. 

RIP Robert, we miss you.

I do not hawe any tent, had given away both tent and sleep-bag last October '12. But I intend to be there Friday anyway. 

Those little dome shaped pup tents have become as much an Icon of the Occupy Movement around the world in the same way ha shopping carts invoke displaced homeless folks in America. 

Join us if you can!

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