Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lemaster :Lodging 647(e) Trial: Day 2 Jury Selection

Lodging 647(e) Trial Begin
November 5th, 2010
by Linda Ellen Lemaster (Defendant)

After midnight Nov 6, 2010

Yesterday eighteen people were examined and grilled by Judge Rebecca Connolly, District Attorney Alex Byers, and one of my two attorneys, Jonathan Gettleman. Both Gettleman and Eric Nelson are working pro bono for me, and I need to encourage those folks who can, to consider helping to offset their expenses. There appeared to be at least fifty more folks who were required to stand by, and listen to every instruction and definition the ones in the jury box were given

I got the ticket for "lodging" in August, 2010. My earlier blog entries describe some of the politics and activities that captured my attention that summer

There was an addition of videos, I understand I'm in them, which the DA believes will help his part of bringing this trial toward justice, or at least proving I'm a criminal I dont understand why he gets to keep bringing in more stuff, another witness, movies I didn't know existed, after the Judge's deadline, but luckily I'm not the lawyers here. And, I have faioth in the two men who are. Nice feeling

Today we were busy from 1:30 pm until about 4:20 pm. The Judge decided the rest of the week, proceedings will begin at 10 am, and close around 4 pm. It seems all the court people will be starting the argumenting part of the trial by this afternoon?



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