Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Banks Are Made of Marble, With A Guard At Every Door

To Occupy Santa Cruz, Occupy Wall Street, all my occupying children and brothers and sisters in the US of A and beyond ... restorative justice! Demand that people who stole and cheated and lied to us about it and then told our Congress when it tried to investigate: "you can't stop us because you don't understand money, "its complicated", you need us, or else we will rip up the world economy ...with these powerful HORNS of other peoples' plenty: give us welfare, pay us for our crimes". Don't forget all those Corporate Board members of many corporations, who did their directorial jobs as tho' America was a craps table in Reno and the rest of the world, just five dollar coins to dicker with. Fundamental ethics does not require greater regulation. The Golden Parachute crowd gets a BIG Fail from me. Stealing peoples' lives just to look awesome to one's buddies. NO MORE. Close the banks STILL run by felonious heartless freaks.
Linda's Hearth note: will dress this up w/headlines, photo later

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