Sunday, October 16, 2011

Velvet Pistol's PROCLAMATION


It has been done, Messieurs!

Already the wax mannequins are invading the libraries
The women walk like watery flags
The madmen distribute the images of their spirit
To the disaffected doors of the churches

I forbid you to laugh or to grit hour teeth
I forbid you to sell your songs of love

Scatter our tinsel
Eat the flowers and the splinters
Mingle the aliments of these animals
And give them the whole and remnant of the heart

.......Do not conduct our children to school
.......Learn their secret usage of the word

We have already reversed the multiplication asbles
We no longer reenter the house of crime
We are unwearied een in sleep
Hold on to it to say

.......Today is
.......Round about the world
.......For the
.......of the


Linda's Hearth note:

These words are a suggested gift from my Beloved to Occupy Santa Cruz,
this poem is from surrealist 1970s Santa Cruz County zine
Velvet Pistol,

Please forgive, and try to ignore, the "....." because I can't figure out how to make tabs stay put. -LL

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