Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lodging Trial Postponed Yet Again

Lemaster's Lodging 647(e) Trial

After 774 days waiting in the court calendar stacks, as far as I can determine. Judge Connally was counting, per her remark on Wednesday 10 - 10, "longest waiting case". 

But then she said, "no room."

On October 10th, Honorable Rebecca Connally said she could not adjudicate the booked trial because she had a different trial to begin, which she asserterd only she, herself, could try.

Therefore, she punted the whole Lodging Trial back to the Master Calendar's currently assigned Judge, Honorable John Salazar.

Yesterday, Friday Oct 12th, Salazar said simply, "There IS no courtroom available."

So my attorney, Jonathan Gettleman, said, "Your Honor, we would like to withdraw Ms. Lemaster's time waver."

So Judge Salazar looked at his overly full calendar again and said, "All right then ... within two weeks."

That puts the NEXT 'trial readiness hearing' on Hallowe'en, and the Lodging 647(e) Trial likely to start on the first Monday in November, said Gettleman after court.

I have not asked for any special considerations since this began, unless you want to count asking for a Jury, which I still read is my right as a US of A citizen accused.

I seem to be witnessing the breaking down of our system of Justice in a small rural County, in a large but purportedly near-bankrupt state, during our Nations' shifting recession?

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  1. Is Oct 31 still a date for court support? What time?


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