Tuesday, April 20, 2010

AROUND TOWN -- This will be my occasional column about great events and cultural vitality --support free radio everywhere you can!

Come to the Party in costume, be a pirate.

FREE RADIO SANTA CRUZ celebrates 15 years!

101.1 FM

That's me by the middle mic, outfitted for the high seas. Because Free Radio Santa Cruz gave a great party. Included costume contest; bean counting for an alternative voting system and it worked quite well.

Me number two at pirate-looking!

Thanks for all those votes among folks and families of all ages. The musicians were all great. I'll review a bit further when I'm able to get more photos into this blogspot.

I do not attend very many public gatherings any more, because of this struggle due to environmental/chemical allergies all over the place. So far this year, I have been lucky, finding moments of community without perfumes and ammoniated kitchens and deisel exhaust and toxic food additives. The Pirate Radio Celebration at Kuumbwa Jazz Center earlier this month was one of those "lucky" events - safe for me. Fun.

I even danced a little bit. Happy Birthday FRSC 101.1 fm

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