Friday, April 30, 2010

My Fav Poems and Very Short Stories, second column

me, 2008


My darling bobcat,
You darken my door again,
Lean, looking bewildered,
Talking like
we've always been together.

And you've simply returned tonight
From some hunting trip,
To show off your new trinkets --
a dripping brain,
a tired womb, or two,
pocket holes where you thought

your last quarter rested,

maybe a new mouth to feed --

whom you may never meet,

or not 'til the child is grown.

But it is winter now,

And you've been gnawed to the bone,

Scalped, slightly stewed,

Your batteries stolen,

Your whiskers frightfully white.

And you line your precious trophies

Along the steps to my door,

And when I've again licked well

Your new war-wounds,

You're stalking, out for more.

Mountain lion,

The hungry, lean smile,

Fast heart, faster feet.

(c) Linda Lemaster

September 11, 1992

about midnight, full moon coming

Foot Note -
Started this special collection, 'My Fav Poems and Very Short Stories,' with a simple song from Rumi about LOVE. I will enter favorite poems I've loved or I discover, no particular order beyond capacity. Suggestions welcome - click the blue "comment" spot below any entry. Most of my favorites are not those written (so called) by me; this one above is a good'un.

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