Thursday, April 22, 2010

Welcome Earthlings! prayer

Welcome Earthlings!

Scopes Park, Photo by Linda Lemaster, 2007

Now today you say it's Earth Day
A special holiday - no day off to enjoy said Earth, but lots of trinkets to show you've been there! Watch those footprints!

With your Soymilk Uplink
Facebook Similies
Corporate Smiley Green-Faces

(I heard the news today, oh boy)
"only seventeen percent of your toxic drinking water bottles getting recycled"

Now we're bad guys - now corporations tell us what is good and what is bad memory becomes obsolete
Our Own Story gets lost in the smoking clang of commerce
of success of Manifest Destiny
in the form of an open-bid contract
measurable objectives
of who can be the sleaziest
in the Game of Slide-In-Bye

War Mongers Dignified by their missteps, retired for bad training while their orders murder on
Intensive Care Veterans' hospitals mired in rats feces and mildew'd windows and lost records,
Our living heroes lost, alone
Philidelphia's ringing citizen democracy not dead yet
merely drowning
in the Roar of burning flesh, smeltered souls, and empires sold at auction
by banks
now rewarded for screwing their clients
in Spades

Walt Whitman, Benjamin Franklin would have to go underground, or to jail
if they visited today. Earth Day

We do not need to believe
To feel Her Ire
Her Lava is also my womb
My suffering is also her Pain
Her Oracle is the only true map to Life

We do not have to understand, just kneel down
and put our fingers past the dirt, feel the Life in this ground
Forget the parcel number and unhang from meridian logic
Breathe past the inTOXicated grasses, be careful in Her River's detritis accept Great Ocean's salient secrets
Quick, get to the Life of 'the thing', find your senses, awaken them
walk barefooted
while you still can

Great Mother
Just a Match in the Wind of God perhaps
For us
ever-embracing our enfeebled engorged Humanity
Her swirling Emerald Dress of Song and tragedy
into Her Divine Grace her Gaia children's Boat and Bosom

She is hearing our Song, even as we don't hear each other

We burn her Entrails, suck blood from Her Womb
as tho she were already cold
While demanding more More not even hungry just rapacious

Great Mother I give you my puny Earth Day

Your Oracle everywhere,
the den of sowbugs
the broken twig pictograph
the absence of bossy jaybirds, the lone tulip
even the stoplight flinch

Awakens me to Your Grace
Great Mother I give you back my Life

And you give me back my Song!

(c) Linda Ellen Lemaster . April 22, 2010
Brash Collection, prayer, "Welcome Earthlings"

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